6 Must-Have Contents Of Gift Baskets For New Moms


It is a feat for mothers to survive after birthing. After all, childbirth is not easy; it can be life-endangering. So these mothers deserve gift baskets for new moms— a small congratulatory gift for passing one of the most important motherhood rites.

You can buy a new mum gift hamper at stores online and offline, but you can also have a D-I-Y new mum hamper. The key to these DIY gift baskets is knowing what to include in them.

This article will discuss the things you should include in your list of new mum gifts in Singapore.

What To Include In Gift Baskets For New Moms

If newborn or baby hampers contain baby essentials, including diapers, hygiene kits, and toiletries, new mum hampers have the needs for mums.

Some stores have pre-filled gift baskets; all you need to do is to pay. But if you want a personal touch and not some department store made, you can opt to create your own gift baskets for new moms.

1. Bathroom and body essentials

There is no more therapeutic than having a nice long bath each night. It relaxes the body and mind of the mum after the entire day of looking after the baby.

You can get toiletries for mums, including shampoos, bath soap, body wash, bath bombs, and perfume. Lotions with fragrance also keep the mother’s skin smooth, supple, and healthy, especially on the parts where stretch marks are present.

You can also add to your new mum gift hamper clay face masks, moisturisers, toners, and creams. Some mums may not feel beautiful after giving birth, so surprising them with bathroom and body essentials is a good way to boost their self-esteem.

2. Essential oils and scented candles

Another way to set the mood and encourage the new mum to relax is by giving them essential oils and scented candles. The fragrance of these oils and candles is said to have therapeutic effects on the mind and heart.

Lavender oil and scented candles can improve sleep at night. Some said lavender scent could alleviate stress and anxiety. Mums are usually at their most stressful period after giving birth, so lavender can help them relax.

Similar to lavender, frankincense can lift mood and improve sleep, whilst eucalyptus scent helps decongest a stuffy nose.

If the new mum’s looking forward to a sexy time with their partners, you can give them cinnamon-scented candles. It makes the atmosphere spicy, perfect for spicy lovemaking.

You can add a combination of essential oils and scented candles to gift baskets for new moms.

3. Healing Kits

A mother’s health is crucial during the postpartum period, so giving a new mum a hamper that contains products that aid healing can be beneficial.

Healing kits typically have vitamins and supplements, essential for recovery. However, the mum must consult her postnatal doctor first before taking these vitamins.

You can also add teas and organic coffee to the basket. Besides the beverages, oat bars are an ideal gift as well! Oats are known to increase milk production in breastfeeding mummies.

Fruits and crackers are also a good addition to your new mum gift hamper. Fruits contain tons of nutrients, vital for healing, whilst crackers are nice snacks to nibble whilst breastfeeding a newborn at midnight.

4. Breastfeeding kits

Mothers would appreciate it if you give them new mum gifts in Singapore containing breastfeeding kits.

Breastfeeding kits consist of efficient flow teats that aid the baby’s sucking for milk. The kit also has breast milk pumps which collect milk to empty the breast and for future feeding.

The milk the breast pump has collected goes to breastmilk storage. Some breast milk storage can store up to 150ml of breastmilk.

Breastfeeding kits also have nursing pads. These pads absorb milk leaking from the breast, protecting the clothes from stains.

There are also nipple and skin products you can include to prevent rashes, sores, and fungi growth in the nipple area and skin surrounding it.

Mothers will surely love breastfeeding kits in your gift baskets for new moms.

5. Gift cards

Another excellent addition to your new mum’s gift hamper is gift cards.

As mentioned, mums are stressed and tired looking after the newborn. Giving them a gift card for a spa and massage will give them a break from the tedious work of being a mother. Spa day brings relaxation and renewed energy to mummies.

Besides spa and massage gift cards, you can also give them grocery gift cards. These can be useful when buying formula milk, diapers, baby hygiene kits, and other essentials for the newborn and mother.

You can also give gift certificates from cleaning services. Busy mummies have no time juggling baby care and cleaning the house. A cleaning gift certificate can help reduce the mother’s work by allowing cleaning services to do the cleaning.

Sometimes, gifts can be in the form of vouchers and not always in a basket.

6. Confinement Meals

Unlike regular food, confinement meals have specific ingredients and cooking methods to ensure they will nourish mummies.

Instead of giving literal gift baskets for new moms, you can order confinement meals to be delivered to the mummy. These meals are highly nutritious and incredibly hearty. Some confinement restaurants allow meal subscriptions, so you might want to check on that.

In addition to confinement meals, you can also pay for a confinement nanny! Confinement nannies prepare confinement meals, assist mothers in taking care of the newborn, and help with some household chores.

You can find confinement nannies from nanny services. Your mum would surely thank you for the extra hand.


If you can’t find these items and kits for your DIY gift baskets for new moms, you can always choose to buy the premade one! These baskets have high-quality products, too, that mummies would adore.


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