By Nai

As many of you know, Say What Now?! all found each other through Rooster Teeth, forming an ever-loving bond of homo-eroticism and love of pizza. Many of us have been lucky to head to Austin to support Rooster Teeth through RTX. So when crowdfunding started for the first Lazer Team movie, we put our hands into our pockets and donated what we could, to see Rooster Teeth on the big screen. Thankfully, for the sequel, they didn’t need the fundraising and now we have been treated to Lazer Team 2.

From experience, it’s always weird walking into a room packed with Rooster Teeth fans outside a convention, but instantly, you can be talking to the person next to you. The community has this bond that instantly makes many of the members feel like they are part of one big family, and makes cinematic showings of Lazer Team 2 possible.

The first thing recognisable in the film is that it has that Rooster Teeth feel all over it. The jokes are the types of humour we’ve come to know from their podcasts or throughout their different shows, as is the cast and supporting characters. With all that being said, because of the Rooster Teeth feel, it’s probably not as accessible to people outside the existing fanbase. Please don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be a great film on the same level as Thor: Ragnarok or the next installment of Star Wars. You’ll need to manage your expectations, which should be that of an extended length Rooster Teeth show. If you do, you’ll no doubt be happy with the outcome.


How can an adventure be any bigger than saving the world? Saving the world in space of course. The film starts with Lazer Team disbanded since the end of the last movie. Woody (Gavin Free) is still with DETIA, working with scientists including Maggie (Nichole Bloom) and Mr. Scientist (Gus Sorola). Herman (Colton Dunn) is making the most of his Lazer Team fame, endorsing Crab Spray, cereals and even the Boot Group animated TV show. Zach (Michael Jones) is putting his laser cannon to good use, as a hair removal specialist and Hagen (Burnie Burns), well, Hagen is struggling.

Brought back together by Maggie – after Woody is abducted through a wormhole they had been investigating and leading to the loss of his helmet – Lazer Team are tasked to go find him on an alien ship. It is when the team is reunited that the humour, which made the first film so popular, returns and although it takes a little while for Woody to come back into the fold, the film goes from strength to strength comedy-wise.

One element that the movie is lacking is the plot. With Lazer Team each initially doing their own thing and are all back together again before you realise it, the main essence of the plot is established pretty early on, but the gang spends the second half of the film running around and skirting the story for the jokes. So while you’re laughing often, the film lacks any substantial story progression and character development that bigger and longer films are able to convey.

Another issue is that the film’s antagonists are almost non-existent, with the best semblance of such being Kilborne (Victoria Platt) – a tough general who takes over and disbands DETIA and wants to destroy Lazer Team to become the new champion of Earth. Hagen’s daughter Mindy (Alexandria DeBerry) and DETIA Officer Vandenbloom (Kirk C Johnson) also return, and while Mindy plays a little part on the film, Vandenbloom stands out as we are treated a larger helping of Johnson’s unique buffoonery.

Overall, the film doesn’t take itself seriously, setting up itself up as a “comedy first, sci-fi story later” type of film that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It is, however, a good laugh, especially for the fans of Rooster Teeth. The childish humour that will keep you giggling throughout and although it doesn’t surpass the first film, it is more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing.