SWN?! is thankful for Adrian!

Podcast 248 is live!

Hey All,

Thanks to family commitments and family feuds our 5th birthday/anniversary/annual Christmas podcast, end up being an affair that Adrian (as the most amazing person I know!) did it by himself. He discusses Net Neutrality, PUBG and the canon of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am extremely grateful for Adrian not just for this week, but for this year, through my turmoil I have gone through this year, Adrian has been the rock that I can always rely on to be the best and most helpful person and without him, SWN?! may very well not exist to make it to it’s 5th birthday. So thank you Adrian! If you want to thank Adrian yourselves drop him a message on twitter @aww102!

Joe & the SWNers

SWN?! is thankful for Adrian!

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