Cover for Me, I'm Late

Podcast 244 is live!

Hey All,

I’m late again, (if I was a woman, I’d forget to take my birth control a lot…) however, I have Rich and Adrian to cover for me and Luke being unable to record with them, so three cheers for being the reliable sort. They discuss the upcoming RTX London which most of SWN?! will be attending, so send us a message on twitter to either our personal twitters i.e. @LTJJD for myself, or to the @SWNProductions account to find out where to meet us and have a chat. They also talk about our DnD campaign, our recent old discoveries that shed new light on our new hobby and all the latest gaming news including Cuphead and how Angry Birds is now a sponsor of a football (soccer) team in the UK. We all now know Huggy’s super powers because of this episode, praying mantis’ beware…

Don’t forget to check out the new amazing article from Jamie on Dunkirk, a movie I saw opening night and absolutely adored, though Jamie has a thing or tow for those gushing over it like me. Don’t forget to click the buttons up on the top right to get more SWN?! info direct to you and be notified of new videos, podcast and articles from us.


Joe & the SWNers

Cover for Me, I’m Late