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Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Aliens Swarming everywhere, Ammo Low...

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SWN?! are back and swinging at Aliens because well their ammo conservation strategy sucks! We decide this week that rather than fighting to the death legging it is a much more prudent strategy, of course dragging a trail of Aliens with you wasn’t part of the plan….

Following on from Episode 3′s immense failure we try once again to prove we could survive an Alien apocalypse (well at least 3 of us do…). Pretty sure we’re going to need bigger guns or better friends when it happens.

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Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Cold Snap   The Wonderful 101

Hello All

Its that time of the week again so its time for another episode of The Wonderful 101. This week things get a bit chilly for the team as they go the colder reaches of the world! Best way to warm up in this situation is to beat up some robots and a special enemy at the end of the level!

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Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 We Handle Bringing You a 69 Maturely!

Podcast 69 is live!

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Nai, Rich and Adrian are very mature as we deal with the sexiest podcast so far, in SWN?! Podcast 69! Besides giggling at the funny number, we discuss Titanfall (again!), anime and disappointing finales to shows! Throw in a little bit about Disney films,  knocking people out and Kate Mulgrew getting tricked, then you make up the bulk of the podcast!

Anyway as with recent weeks, don’t forget to go back and catch up on last week with SWN playing Metal Gear Rising, take a look why Captain America: The Winter Soldier might be the best Marvel film so far, why FTL: Adanced Edition is the best free update ever in our 2 Minute Review and finally take a huge scoop of failure in SWN Attempts Payday 2: Episode 5.


Joe & the SWNers


SWN?! performs a 69!


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 2 Minutes with FTL Advanced Edition

Hey All,

This week, I takes a dive into space travel in an advanced manner as I do 2 Minute Review of FTL Advanced Edition. Take 2 minutes and understand why the free 2014 update to Advanced Edition made the 2012 game even better! I’ll just get back to playing a game I have no chance of ever winning… but at least I can clone myself to keep trying now…

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