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Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 More From The Wonderful 101

Hello All!

Unlike last week this post is posted from a computer, so it’s lot easier to type tons of stuff, complete with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

But I will not do this (other than the grammatical errors anyway, if only to annoy Jamie) and instead will simply give you the link to another video showing more of The Wonderful 101.

This week is the beginning of the game of the game, and its taken on another gameplay style and gone a bit starfoxy, giving me lots of chances to blow stuff up!

Hope you enjoy!



Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 SWN Are Destined To Talk To About ComicCon

Podcast 84 is live!

Hey All,

This week we try to avoid crying about the fact that we aren’t at San Diego ComicCon and bring you all the exciting news coming out of it as well as talking about Destiny… a lot. But we honestly seem like a gaming podcast once again after last week being all over the place thanks to the awesome Shelby. Sadly we lost a Canadian this week but kept Luke, Adrian and myself as we try to entertain.

If you missed stuff last week why not check out Wonderful 101 Operation 008C as we silently play through it? Been trying to fly your dragons? Maybe Jamie’s article on How to Train Your Dragon 2 has some suggestions. Fancy a bigger challenge? Check out the guys attempting the hot wing challenge! Maybe you just want to laugh at us, that’s why we play Battleblock Theater and suck at timekeeping!


Joe & the SWNers

SWN?! seems Destined to talk about SDCC ‘14


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Battleblock Trolling: The Chapter 1 Finale

Hey All,

Adrian and I are rewarded for their hard trek through Chapter 1 of the trolling world of Battleblock Theater. Their reward? Do what we just did but faster and under more pressure! They’re obviously up to it… maybe. Besides which it’s not like we constantly try and kill each other through mishaps and schoolboy pranks, so I’ sure working together it will all go ok… right?!



Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Wings of Death! The Pain! Its Real!

Hey All,

While out at RTX 2014 we didn’t just interview and be all professional. We also did some really stupid stuff like eating Thermonuclear Wings from Bikini’s on 6th Street! All for the title of Party Animal, there was no other reward so this was just stupid! Enjoy the carnage!




Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Melting In The Heat   The Wonderful 101

Hello all!

Sorry for the late post but I’m posting this from my phone while trying not to catch fire as I walk through the sun to get home from work.

Here is the later than planned episode of The Wonderful 101, complete with boss fights and insanity!

Hope you enjoy, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to see the mermaids in the distance, although its possible in hallucinating.



Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 SWN?! talks trash to Canada

Podcast 83 is live!

Hey All,

Shelby is back from the Canadian beaches (think like regular beaches with snow instead of sand) and confides in us her fear of sea creatures, explains how movies work and get trash talked to her by the rest of us, oh and of course she gets snippy with us all about Canada. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Of course thrown in there is stories about dropping coffee, destroying laptops and little bit about gaming.

As always don’t forget to check out our SWN plays from last week, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Part 13, which is the last part (was it unlucky to end on 13? Find out now!). Adrian gets Animated About… Maoyuu Maou Yuusha which seems very similar to Final Fantasy 10 only with more Japanese stuff! Did you not manage to make it to RTX? Why not check out our review of RTX 2014 (as well as our bloopers from RTX 2014). Or maybe you want to find out when you cross Panda’s with SWN? It’s a Let’s Play in Trials Fusion!

Hope y’all enjoy our stuff!


Joe & the SWNers