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Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Bit late but.. the Killer is Dead!

Hi All

Sorry all, mistakes were made, distractions were distracting and I’m a bit rubbish at the best of times so this is a bit late!

But I’m here now to bring you some more from Killer is Dead. This time some more castle slashing stabby action and not much more from the unicorn.

It seems odd to be able to type that last sentence, but that is how this game rolls, in a weird and somewhat random direction.

Hope you enjoy!


SWN?! comes out of a drought


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Battleblock Theater: End of a Chapter, Continuation of Abuse

Hey All,

This week, Adrian and I get onto Chapter 2, Act 3 as they close the book on all things Battleblock Theater, chapter 2-ish… except for the abuse of Adrian that continues and if anything get stronger, though Joe does work on his ‘teamwork’ and less on his team killing. Amazingly, Adrian and Joe become straight-A(ish) students! Shame it’s only in gem collecting and golden balls and not something more meaningful, like shark trapping.



Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 The Sights and Sounds of Xenoblade Chronicles

Hello All!

As I said in yesterday’s My Thoughts On Article on Xenoblade Chronicles, the world and soundtrack of the game are what set it apart from the others,  even in its SD form. So what better way to show this than a bit of a walking tour of just some of the sights of the game, from the expanse of Gaur Plain to the shooting stars over Eryth Sea to take a look at. A nice video with no spoilers except the area names!

Thanks to the way the WiiU outputs Wii games the video is in theory HD, but the game is a Wii game so its actually old style TV res!

Take a look and see the sights of Xenoblade Chronicles -

Hope you enjoy!



Hi All,

Joe takes on Joe’s (from eighty7 Productions) challenge to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and follows on from Adrian in encouraging everyone to donate to ALS/MND charities! Oh and nominates Luke, Rich, Shelby, Greg and Jamie so all of SWN?! can get wet together!



SWN?! discusses nightmare fuel