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Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Melting in the heat   The Wonderful 101



Hello all, sorry for the late post but am posting this from my phone while trying not to catch fire as I walk through the sun to get home from work.

Here is the later than planned episode of The Wonderful 101. Complete with boss fights and insanity.

Hope you enjoy, now if you’ll excuse me im off to see the mermaids in the distance, although its possible in hallucinating.

Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 SWN?! talks trash to Canada

Podcast 83 is live!

Hey All,

Shelby is back from the Canadian beaches (think like regular beaches with snow instead of sand) and confides in us her fear of sea creatures, explains how movies work and get trash talked to her by the rest of us, oh and of course she gets snippy with us all about Canada. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Of course thrown in there is stories about dropping coffee, destroying laptops and little bit about gaming.

As always don’t forget to check out our SWN plays from last week, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Part 13, which is the last part (was it unlucky to end on 13? Find out now!). Adrian gets Animated About… Maoyuu Maou Yuusha which seems very similar to Final Fantasy 10 only with more Japanese stuff! Did you not manage to make it to RTX? Why not check out our review of RTX 2014 (as well as our bloopers from RTX 2014). Or maybe you want to find out when you cross Panda’s with SWN? It’s a Let’s Play in Trials Fusion!

Hope y’all enjoy our stuff!


Joe & the SWNers

SWN?! talks trash to Canada


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Lets Play... Trials Fusion: We <3 Pandas!

Hey All,

It wasn’t all interviews and fuck ups at RTX! We also did a little recording of gameplay for a Let’s Play, which is why you’re reading this and are getting to watch us play Trials Fusion! We yell at each other, the game and fire trucks while we fuck up!

We’d love to keep you entertained and all it takes is a quick click to subscribe! 

Check Out Trials Fusion:


Joe & the SWNers


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 SWN Recaps RTX and Fluffs It

Hey All,

This week as no big games are out so instead we recap the biggest event in our year, RTX 2014! Check out our brief overview of our great time that we had there and see why we loved it! Stay tuned for more RTX 2014 stuff or jump to the second video and take a look at how we are the ‘best’ of the community…


Why not see how we can screw up spectacularly in our bonus bloopers video!




Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 The End Arrives With Awesome Tunes   Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Hello All

The weekend has gone and the week has begun again, so that means it’s time for more action based… well action! This week, we have for you something awesome, the final (actual final, you always fight something after the big robot thing) boss of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

The boss is true to the game, absolutely silly but fun to fight. But god damn the boss fight music is good, seriously had to restrain myself from (badly) singing along with it!

Watch and enjoy!

P.S. You can get the boss battle music for the cost of a ice cream from amazon (all official like as well) if you enjoyed it like I did



Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 No Games in The Summer Time to Mod!

Podcast 82 is live!

Hey All,

This week we mourn the end of the World Cup, but look forward to… well nothing because we talk about how games companies leave us wanting in the summer and destitute in the Winter. Along with this, we discuss my impending conversion to the PC Master Race while taking time to discuss football and the craziness of Suarez and the Emmy nominations. Of course we throw in our own personal stories of the week like dying of sodium poisoning!

Don’t forget to check out all our other stuff form last week, whether you want to silently watch the 101 destroy the city or maybe wondering how you’ll be on the edge of your seat on while watching the Edge of Tomorrow? Read our Article! Watch us ‘play’ Battleblock Theater as we troll our way through Act 3. Or of course you can take a look at Rich’s amazing interview skills as SWN interviews Miles Luna from Rooster Teeth!



SWN?! mods the World Cup