Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day
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I rarely use my journal on here but I felt I had to today.


To All those who fought for us all,
To those who carry the wounds so we don’t have to,
To those who came back battered and broken,
To those who didn’t come home at all,
To the Brothers, Sister, Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters,
To all those who served us so bravely and gallantly,
We Remember


Honour those who deserve to be this day.… Read More

New Podcast Subscription

New Podcast Subscription

Hey All,


Just an FYI Joe and some gremlins osmehow broke the old iTunes feed and due to Apple being a little slow on the uptake we decided to kill our old one with fire and set up our new subscription on it’s still smoking corpse so please resubscribe to!-podcast/id939486622, to ensure you get all the stupidist, silliest and least informative content from a bunch of drunk, slightly shabby and charming bunch of people here at SWN?!… Read More