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Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 What The Hell Is He Wearing?   Killer is Dead

Hello All!

Continuing with the current theme of my videos, that theme being minor levels of insanity, I bring you the next Killer is Dead!

In this video, I fight someone on the dark side of the moon, and the dress code for the fight seems a bit…. unusual.

I think the outfit of the boss is best described as “metal mankini”, its good to see the silly outfits have equal gender representation in the game icon razz What The Hell Is He Wearing?   Killer is Dead

Hope you enjoy!



Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Avoiding Destiny

Podcast 91 is live!

Hey All,

While I was off taking care of a broken arm (not my own), we brought Greg back to entertain you all as the chaps talk about Destiny, Nintendo and Apple’s latest offerings! Of course we also discuss stupid stories from our weeks and how exactly to remove US from iTunes.

Also we make sure to make a point of our new series Video Game Travel Ageny along with our usual weekly offering you can follow the links below to find them!



SWN?! avoids its Destiny


Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 The Final Fusion!

Hey All,

What with the Nai Rage Quit last week, we take to the future one last time and bring Emma along for the ride, as we take the frankly folly Foxbats out and show what we can do with no power an bouncy suspension and no Nai! Trials Fusion was one of the most fun videos we have had making and we hope you guys enjoyed watching them!

Don’t forget to check out Don’t forget to check out for more info!




Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Video Game Travel Agency Presents... Titanfalls Frontier

Hey All,

And welcome as we try something a little different. After the walking tour from a couple of weeks back, a Travel Agency has taken to using our site to promote new vacation packages to far off lands. First up is Titanfall’s Frontier. Come see why you should come visit the wonderful Frontier Worlds for your next trip, as Norman Conquest shows you the delights of the Super Delux Travel Vacation Package.



Luke%20bust%20icon%20120x123 Jet Powered Trousers and Railguns   Vanquish

Hello All

The title pretty much sums up the next video! It’s Vanquish after all, so lots of whizzing about via the trousers, but this time a railgun is involved. And I won’t say how good or bad I am at protecting the damn thing that refuses to avoid the sodding mines… you’ll just have to watch the video!

So enjoy more trousers based action in Vanquish!

I may have given it away a bit with the rant.


SWN Sims!

Joe%20bust%20icon%20120x123 SWN Sims!

Podcast 90 is live!

Hey all,

Podcast 90 is live and we talk how our simulated lives are pretty good matches to our real lives (especially setting fire to stuff), along with that we talk the Fappening, the changing tastes of Dr Pepper and how dude bro’s ruin awesome commercials. As always don’t forget to check out last weeks stuff which I have kindly linked for y’all below!

I highly recommend you all watch Nai Rage Quit Trials! Really it hilarious to hear anger and defeat in the same breath!


Joe & the SWNers

SWN?! lives in a very big house in the simulated country